Santa Canvas


Ok, so here is day one of my Christmas crafting. We’ve been out all morning and I had an overtired two year old and a teething 9 month old. No fun!! Regardless we got home and I threw them in bed. It took mr 2 over and hour to fall asleep so while he was fussing I got out my supplies.

Blank canvas
Metallic gold paint

Once he fell asleep I got started. With mr 9 month old about to wake any minute boy did I rush!!

Santa turned out ok but I am going to go back over him and fix all the mistakes. I do love where he is heading though and am inspired to make more. I’m going to do one of my boys in their Santa hats. First I need a photo of them both sitting still and both keeping their hats on… Wish me luck!


My Christmas Colors (Finally!!)


Ok, so after nine months of indecision, debating, doubt, and a little stress, I have finally decided on a color scheme for Christmas this year. Yes I change every year and yes I make way too big a deal out of it.

Last year I did champagne gold and cream, the year before all silver, and the year before that which was also Ryder’s first Christmas, baby blue and silver. Just for him!

I wanted to do something for Archer this year as its his first Christmas. After conferring with a friend we agreed that I couldn’t repeat the blue for Archer, it needed to be something of his own and I wanted it to be fun.

So this year I have decided on the candy stripe colors. Green, red, and white. Pearly white if I can find it. In all my searching I haven’t yet seen a lot in these colors so get ready to be overloaded in the craft section. Looks like I’ll be DIYing my way through November and December!

Post below what colors you’ll be decorating in this year and if it’s something you do each year or you’re a changer like me 🙂

Reindeer Food Tags


Is this not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen!! The kids could help mix the ingredients and choose somewhere special to put the, so the reindeer see. I found this over at Marabous along with how they made them.

You’ll need

Small clear or organza bags
Anything else special you’d like to add

Mix, fill the bags, and tie your label on with coordinating ribbon

Here’s the printable. If you want it with the same text as they’ve used, click on their link above 🙂