Australian 12 Days of Christmas


Another nostalgic one! I remember reading and singing this one as a kid 🙂

So I’m up to four books so far. Another 21 to find. This is going to be fun!!


Aussie Jingle Bells


This is an Australian household must!! Just looking at the cover takes me back to primary school and making Christmas decorations in art, reading this in class, summer, gum trees, the beach, and Christmas. I just love it! It doesn’t have all the rich, warm images of other Christmas books. There’s no roaring fire or snow on the windows. It’s just the Australian culture and the blazing sun. I love it!

25 Nights of Stories


So I’ve seen this idea all over pinterest and just love it! You wrap up 25 Christmas books, place them under the tree, and each night your children choose one to read together for their bedtime story.

My boys absolutely love reading and my two year old has already started to do some reading on his own (just a tad proud of him!) so this is right up our alley.

Now begins my search for some beautiful Christmas books. I need 25 so everyone please share their favorites. The night before Christmas and Aussie jingle bells are already on the list!